365 Days of Health


First 100 only

365 a focused, fun and inspiring year of health and wholeness in every area of life. On this program you really get to grips with your wellness in every area of your life, you receive daily support from your facilitated group and weekly support from Mary-Ann for an entire year.

Mary-Ann is brutally honest about her own and her family’s journey and how they developed the tools to sail through any crisis in life with your health, your mind, your spirit and your soul intact.

You will receive.

  • 4 WFPB Themed Recipe Books
  • and cover 12 pillars of wellness.
  • and 12 body systems over the year.
  • You will also be coached through 4 detox programs a year – at season change – (with 12 options to choose from)

First 100 persons only