Natural Health Nutrition Course

A diploma focused on the theory of Natural Health & Nutrition & Science based course that will fully help you manage your own health and give you the nutrition and lifestyle foundation to help others.

Course Overview

By the end of this course, you will have a clear understanding of how important your diet is, what the best fuel is to put in your body, and how you can help other people find their way back to Perfect Health. The NHN is the most comprehensive, plant-based Diploma Course in the world that allows you to study in the comfort of your home with students from across the globe.

This intensive course contains the most up-to-date nutritional information that has been carefully curated and compiled by Mary-Ann Shearer and her team for the past 30 years. It is supported by research from independent, peer-reviewed scientific journals, making both practical and scientifically rigorous. Learn and thrive at the same time!

Learning Outcomes

By the end of this course you will have all of your health questions answered in a way that is accessible, in-depth and scientific. The course marries the latest nutritional research with practical case studies, a robust nutritional framework and is designed to be experiential and practical.  

By engaging with the assignments, you will apply the knowledge to your own (and others’ lives) whilst reading the best materials currently available on plant-based health.

Course Objective

  • Understand how our diets and lifestyles have created and caused many modern diseases.
  • Find answers to your most pressing health questions (and be able to answer others’ questions).
  • Learn about the foundational nutritional research as well as the most cutting-edge science that qualifies this course.
  • Learn how to take greater responsibility for your health, and therefore be in better control of your life.
  • Make wiser decisions when it comes to you and your loved ones health
  • Help you cut back on medical expenses
  • Understand how your body works, how to treat it and keep it disease-free

Course content

The NHN course consists of 17 multimedia Lessons – written, audio, visual & practical (with over 650 pages of unique historical and current research) that will allow you to take your health and life to a whole new level! Don’t become a statistic. Learn how to take responsibility for your health to avoid the many degenerative diseases and mental health issues that plague our society.

You will find as over 4000 students all over the world have that the course material is easy to understand and apply, yet profound and structured.

Top nutritional biochemists, medical doctors, heart specialists, cancer and diabetes specialists materials form part of the course. Most required reading and text books are in downloadable format. Each of the 17 Lessons consists of:

  • PDF Booklet (+-30-40 pages)
  • Video
  • Audio (so you can learn on the go)
  • Reading material on pertinent studies and research
  • Study notes
  • Material to use as Natural Way Consultant (should you choose to follow this route)

Study Term

This is an evergreen course and as such, can be commenced at any time during the year.

You have two (2) years to complete the course in its entirety from the time you invest in the course. If you put in 2-4 hours a day or more, you could complete the program in 12 months. The course is also constructed in such a way that students may quickly proceed from the necessary basics of nutritional science to more practical applications.

The material is clear and comprehensive, making use of the latest nutritional science, study notes, bibliography and includes online forums, email and facebook support, and newsletter updates.


In recognition for your efforts and upon completion of all the assignments meeting the required 80% pass rate, successful candidates will receive a Diploma, issued by the International Academy of Natural Health.


You do not need a pre-qualification in order to enroll. This course is for everyone that is interested in improving their own health and/or the health of others.

Teaching and Learning Strategies

The course is taught via a combination of notes and practical assignments available on the Academy Portal. Throughout the course, students are encouraged to take an active role by critically evaluating the material covered and by linking it to their own experience.

  • Email support
  • A monthly newsletter highlighting the latest course updates, recipes, case studies and student success stories
  • A student discussion forum
  • A dashboard overview of your progress
  • A private Facebook group to engage in continued conversation outside of the learning portal
  • As an evergreen and evolving course, we want to keep you up to date with the latest research and as such, the course will continuously be updated (you’ll be notified of these updates via the newsletter).
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 Text Books (Compulsory Reading)

Each lesson has a list of suggested and compulsory reading material. These books may be purchased on Amazon in either Kindle or in hard copy -book format. It is recommended that you have access to high speed internet to watch the videos, listen to the audios and to engage in continuous research.

 Recommended websites links are also made available to the students as well as a comprehensive A – Z database which is only available to students who have registered for this course.

Audio Visual Learning

Each Lesson has Audio and Video integration covering different key nutritional topics. These are usually recorded live, so include valuable feedback from the audience. You Tube videos on various topics, and various teachers are included with each lesson and or assignment.


Each assignment is linked to one of 17 lessons in The Natural Health & Nutrition Course (NHN). A further three (3) assignments on other Natural health practices are required in which you do your own research. The assignments require practical involvement from volunteers for which you may not receive payment.

There is no mark awarded for these assignments however they must be fully completed and handed back with possible suggestions to include in future consultations.

 The assignments are both practical and academic and can be completed in the comfort of your home. The format consists of multiple-choice questions on recommended readings, book reviews, health assessments and case studies with volunteers. 

We will also assesses your interpretation and understanding of the compulsory reading material pertinent to each lesson. The entire course is online, meaning that you will receive your marks and feedback via the Academy portal. You will also have direct access to a Discussion Forum and private Facebook Group (should you wish to engage in further discussions outside of the portal).

Earning Potential

Your studies would enhance existing income if you are in a health related field or in retail. 

You could apply the principles to a health related business, such as a health food store , catering company, restaurant, school, or any business that deals with people of all ages. Successful lifestyle consultants/coaches can earn a healthy income working weekday mornings only.

 It will take 3-6 months to build to this level depending on your personality and circle of influence. The assignments will help you build your client base. 

If you work longer hours and include Cookery Classes, natural plant extracts and supplements and related food products, including ready made meals, your earning potential could be considerably higher. It is possible to earn well in excess of a 6 figure income in any of these fields!

Career Opportunities?

On completion of our Natural Health & Nutrition Course you are free to pursue any career path you choose. 

The course will assist you in strengthening your position in an existing therapy or medical practice or allow you to pursue something completely different. Some of our health consultants have pursued careers in the following areas:

  • Consulting
  • Coaching
  • Whole-food Restaurant
  • whole-food preparation and distribution
  • Freelance journalism
  • Natural Health Public Speaker
  • Cookery Classes
  • Health products sales and distribution
  • Network marketing
  • Author
  • Other – let your imagination run wild here, anything is possible!

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