About Mary-Ann Shearer

Plagued for many years by ill health, Mary-Ann Shearer embarked on a personal quest for a common-sense approach to health and well-being. Her intensive studies into nutrition and natural lifestyle over 30 years, led her to develop a simple yet highly effective program that produced unimagined levels of health and vitality.

The first to benefit were her family (who have not had a doctors bill due to ill health since 1986) and friends, and after several years of one-on-one consultations, she wrote the book The Natural Way – A Family’s Guide to Vibrant Health (22 reprints and updated to Perfect Health the Natural Way in 2011), to help meet the growing demand for her time and knowledge. Since then, Mary-Ann has helped many thousands of people to understand and correct their lifestyle-related problems, thereby building a valuable database of case studies that backs her on-going research.

Mary-Ann has also published three recipe books (each a compilation of over 300 recipes developed during her popular cookery demonstrations). Healthy Kids-The Natural Way was released at the end of 2001 to wide acclaim and recently updated. Perfect Weight-The Natural Way was released in August 2003 and Take Control, written by both Mark and Mary-Ann Shearer was released in May 2005. Mary-Ann continues to travel around the world, delivering talks and classes, advocating for Plant based, healthy and sustainable living.

In 2019, she launched the digital intensive 18-month Natural Health Nutritional Course and the additional twelve-month Natural Health Business & Consulting Course, which is now accessible from the comfort of your own home, anywhere in the world!

Mary-Ann is an education alliance partner with the physicians committee for responsible medicine.

Mary-Ann holds a Doctorate in Life Sciences (Life Sciences, Institute Texas) and is the Director of the Natural Health Academy, Founder and Director of The Daniel Academy (Sustainable Schools) and is the Owner and Director of Mary-Ann’s Emporium and Eatery in Cape Town and Gordon’s Bay, South Africa.