365 Days of Health

Real People Testimonies

I found your “100 Days To Health” very inspiring and just wish it went on for longer!

Thank you for the Whatsapp group and the weekly zoom meetings they are what has made the difference for me this time. When I am finished with the 100 days in March, I am going straight onto the 365 days.

Don’t ever want to go back to any of my old bad habits.

I’m on the last day and wow, how I’ve changed.  But not only me – my whole family has changed! 

What an easy and relaxing lifestyle adjustment this was. 

One big reason for joining this program was to reduce the amount of money we spend at the doctors. 

I have 2 little girls & we always run out of our medical insurance by the middle of the year.  

Antibiotics, throat infections, tonsillitis, sinus.  It is my goal this year to have money left over in our medical savings at year-end!  So far so good !  Thank you for the change you have made in our lives. 

I took each principle, applied, challenged, and tested it, and today – a year later – I can testify that my health has never been in such pristine condition as it is now!

I lost track a few times but have been on the right road for a good few months now. The benefits, I must say, have been tenfold. I no longer suffer with any form of ailment or illness whatsoever.

Moreover, this is the first year I can remember not falling prey to severe flu. Everyone around me has been dropping like lead, though!

I suffered with severe sinus pains in the cheeks, behind the eyes, toothache, neck pain, back pain, extreme tiredness, irritated eyes, etc. etc. Went to every  doctor imaginable here in New Zealand for 2.5 years and not one of them could pinpoint the cause. This at great expense – my medical insurance would not cover me. I started the program and within the first month it has changed my life. No medication since then. No doctors since then.  

Have got boundless energy, go to the gym regularly, work much better at work as I am not so tired. And the real cherry on top is that I am no longer constantly dieting to control my weight. I have lost 7 kilograms since the start and have kept it off and I know the rest will follow in good time. Thanks so much for all your advice.  It is so simple and logical. Keep up the good work!

Introduction to “365 - My year of Health”

This program was originally put together for people who, on completing the 100 Days/30Day Detox programs, wanted to continue to educate, inspire and motivate themselves via daily emails, and to continue the good work they had started.

Everyone on these programs expressed how connected they felt and how valuable the support groups and the weekly online zoom Q & A sessions were. So, here is the program that will give you just that for an entire YEAR!

This is a program we designed specifically for people who on completing the www.100daystohealth.com program nagged me to develop a program that would continue to educate, inspire and motivate them via daily emails, to continue the good work they had started. 

You all explained how connected you felt on the program and how valuable the support groups, and weekly online Video Q & A sessions were. So we have been hard at work and will launch this program in the 2nd half of January 2021

Who is it for?

  1. This program is ideal as a follow-on for anyone who has completed The Whole World Well 100 days to health, or 30-Day Detox programs devised by Mary-Ann & Mark Shearer1. This program is ideal as a follow-on for anyone who has completed The Whole World Well 100 days to health, or 30-Day Detox programs devised by Mary-Ann & Mark Shearer

2. It is ideal for anyone who wants to take control of their health for the rest of their lives and who needs a guiding hand to stay on a healthy track  and live in the sweet spot of exceptional health and wellbeing at any age. 

3. It’s for anyone looking for a Healthy Balance, healing and wholeness in all areas of their lives.  

 4. is for anyone wanting to become Natural Health Coach/Consultant and is          in fact essential and is included in the cost of the 2021 Natural Health &                  Nutrition Courses (from Feb 2021)

What is included in the 365 - My year of Health program?

PRICE : $365

1. 365 EMAILS – Sent every day from the day you sign up with clear guidelines, life-lessons, tips and some extra-special recipes to help you stay focussed.

2. 4 PDF Wholefood, Plant-Based, Gluten-free Recipe Books (Sent every 3 months)

    a. Main Courses

    b. Starters & Salads

    c. Baking & Treats

    d. Soups, Smoothies Juices

3. The 12 Body Systems

  1. Endocrine (hormonal) system
  2. Immune system
  3. Heart
  4. Bones
  5. Muscles
  6. Blood vessels
  7. Brain and CNS
  8. Liver
  9. Kidneys
  10. Skin – Integumentary System
  11. Eyes
  12. Lungs

     4. 12 Pillars of Health

  1. Take Control of Your Health
  2. Take control of Your Body
  3. Spiritual Balance
  4. Stress – Breaking the Cycle (& what adds to the load)
  5. Financial Fitness – How your health affects your finances.
  6. Food and Emotional and Relational Balance
  7. Your mind and your food
  8. Your mind and your lifestyle
  9. The power of light
  10. The power of water
  11. Taking Control of your sleep
  12. Directing your life

5. 12 Detox Programs to choose from 

The detox programs will be emailed to you once you have signed up and paid.

It is ideal for vibrant health to do 1 of the 12 detox programs every 3 months from 3-30 days in length. Most important is do the detox program your body is asking for i.e., listen to your body.

Detox times are best during change of season times ideally the winter and summer equinox and autumn and spring solstice. For simplicity, we will stick to 21st of March, June, September, and December. But you can do it anytime it suits you.

Why does it work?

The 365 program works because is it based on solid science, and physiology. Thousands of people who apply these principles and who follow this track, have gone before and have found exceptional health, energy, and happiness.

Sleep, energy, and overall health improves and stays improved for life. If you follow the program you create the right environment in which your body can heal and defend itself. The weekly and daily support in the community is what inspires people to stay on track.

So…  you will see long term results because it’s based on;

    • Proven track record
    • Science & physiology based
    • Eating sustainably
    • Regular support

The value of just the weekly Q&A with Mary-Ann will save you thousands of US$ per year just on saved Over The Counter (OTC) medicines and health issues.

What does it cost?

It’s free if you get 13 other people to join!

And, if each of your 13 people each get 13 per month, they all in turn do the same 5 levels down in total, you would get a net monthly income of 6 figures!

Have a look at Loyalty Rewards Calculator  https://www.mary-anns.com/lrp-new/tools.php

Less than one sixth of the cost of a cup of coffee! Per day! For 1 year!

The Actual value is more than 10 times the discounted price.

How do I sign up?

Just click the button below to add to cart

Use this as an opportunity to genuinely make the world a better place – one day at a time while building yourself a healthy income from helping others.

To Life – to Health!